Monthly Archives: February 2015

The following is a selection of 5 of my images that have been used in a series of images of all the class which has been arranged to form a story.1a (10) gjcg (2) untitled-6 untitled-3 untitled-7

Here is an image of the series of images, including their order.This story is a journey, just a simple journey and the events of somebodies life on a random day. The story is basically about  man or a woman that wakes up and goes for a nice relaxing walk through the city into the forest.Unfortunately,in the forest they hit their head quite harshly on a low branch and get dizzy and disorientated. Soon enough, they are able to see properly again and decide to head on back home to rest.

This story may not seem like much, nor seem to be a deep and meaningful story, but the impressive part is the fact that 5 people have managed to choose 5 images each, all with different themes and image styles, and managed to combine them to create a story. Purely by collaborating and working together as a team to make it possible.

This series of images will be on Tumblr, link to follow soon.