Jobs and courses.

Originally, i had planned to  enter a university course after college. I wanted to be a forensic  detective and many places in the Midlands offer courses revolving around forensics, but most are very specific.
At Nottingham Trent university, they offer a Forensic Science course. “On this course you will develop the ability to judge the importance of physical evidence based on incident scene observations and the results of laboratory analysis.Studying Forensic Science will enable you to:Understand crime scene science.Use case studies to highlight the range of approaches required in forensic investigations as well as analytical instruments, microscopy and the English legal system.Find out how the acquisition of crime scene evidence is studied as well as genetic identification.” Which appealed to me greatly. These are all things I wanted to expand and learn and develop a career around. After finding this course, I decided to see if Derby university posted the same thing, or anything similar, to which I found :
BSc (Hons) Forensic Science
BSc (Hons) FS with Criminology
BSc (Hons) FS with Psychology
BSc (Hons) Computer Forensic Investigation
And Forensic and Crime scene Investigation
I would have been happy applying to any of these, but specifically I wanted Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation due to the fact I wanted to focus on the investigation section of forensics. Looking into this course, it is a level 4 certificate of credit costing £1440 and being 20 weeks of part time study, although this course is a fully interactive online course, including virtual reality, mini documentaries, interactive media and technical videos .
” Using the latest learning technology, you’ll be able to access realistic crime scenes based in our new specialist crime scene house, located near our campus in Derby. You will search different crime scenes within the house and practice the CSI skills being developed at each stage of the learning journey”
I feel that although this is an online course, it will let me work with less pressure yet still offer me many interesting and valuable experiences.
I have decided to apply to this course next year, but first I will be applying for a job / apprenticeship to prepare me mentally and financially for this course, to ensure I do my very best with no distractions or barriers. Although the fact is an online course already makes it easier for me, I want to know I’m confident enough to follow through with this course.
Until this time comes, I will be hunting for and pursuing a apprenticeship in art such as an apprenticeship at art core, where they do exhibitions with the mayor and artistic and creative sessions with the locals to promote various things and help improve the local area we live in. I will be assisted by Reed at Derby college to help me find a suitable apprenticeship.


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