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Christopher is a 20 year old photographer who uses his images like words so express and reflect the dark thoughts and feelings inside his head brought on by his clinical depression.

He began a hobby in photography for exactly this, he hoped that photography would be a way to cope with the depression, he is now a successful photographer and has not turned back.

“I was never all that good with words.That’s why i take pictures.” – C.H

He’s never taken any photography course/class, he does it all himself and gets amazing results.

“This is just a hobby.A camera, a body, and a mind.Nothing else.” – C.H


c hopkins 2




Below are a list of mental heath problems i plan on trying to portray in images.

Anxiety/Panic attacks.

Bipolar disorder

Borderline personality disorder


Dissociative disorder

Eating disorder

Hearing voices

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder




I won’t be using many images for my FMP, i will get feedback and get a selection of people to rate all my images and pick out their top 3 in order, going my that i will decide which ones get used.