Walker Evans

Born November 3rd, 1903,
Passed April 10th, 1975.

He took up photography in 1928.
His influences were Eugene Atget and August Sander.

Walker Evans was, and still is best known for his work with the Farm Security Administration where he was documenting the effects of the great depression.
(Farm Security Administration(FSA) was originally Resettlement Administration(RA) in 1935 as part of the New Deal in the United States.He worked with FSA up unit 1938. It was an effort during the Great Depression to combat American rural poverty.It’s famous for its photography program during 1935-1944 which documented the challenges of the rural poverty.)

In the summer of 1936,whilst he was working with FSA, Walker and James Agee(Writer) were sent on an assignment by Fortune magazine so create an article during the Great Depression in Hale County, Alabama.

During his time with FSA, his main camera which he used was a large format, 8×10 inch camera.He often also used this with a triple converter lens.

His goal was to create images that are ‘Literate,authorative, and transcendent.’

These images below were taken during the great depression







At the time, these images would have seen fairly normal, the locals would have looked at these images and said “Oh, i see this exact thing on a daily basis, this is nothing special”. But now, we look at  it and we see a pure, vintage, beautiful old photograph that doesn’t decieve us with crazy angles and strange objects, it has enlightened us on the reality of how the shops appeared back in the day.And i find it beautiful.

I included this specific photographer due to his interesting idea of capturing a shot of a shop front from directly in front of it. This is a great idea to do with cafes and i wouldn’t mind testing out this idea with a variety of cafe businesses.

  1. Ash, you don’t make it clear why you included these photos by Evans. How do they relate to your theme? What’s your evaluation of Evans’ images?
    You should try to respond to photographs in as much detail as you did with the research into cafes.


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