Artist Research

Natalia Klenova is a freelance photographer from Russia.
She has lived in Russia,England,America,and Belgium, so she knows what it’s like in various areas of the world.
She tends to focus on stock photography and her work appears all over the world in newspapers, magazines, on websites and in tv advertisements.

She works with a Canon 5D Mark 2 with L-Series lenses and studio light.

Natalia has some lovely retro styled images of coffee products.
They are in a range of colour styles such as sepia, and black and white.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 15.11.33

I love this image of hers. I do believe that when working with things such as coffee beans, a low-key image gives the best results.
The use of the earthy colours works amazingly.She has used plenty of dark browns,blacks and light brown/beiges. These colours compliment each other extraordinarily.
You can tell this image was taken using old coffee products as our present day coffee houses use large, professional,industrial machines to grind their coffee and not a wooden/metal,conveniently sized for households machine.

The aim of light is directed to the wall at the left of the image, but sure enough that warm light bounces around and spreads that warm glow to the rest of the image.
This warm light makes you feel as if the coffee beans are freshly roasted and still warm.

This image feels very vintage, and if I could create an image with the same visual atmosphere, I would.