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With the fire shoot, i aimed to get some nice shapes in the fire and smoke to try manipulate to look like a skull or faces.I managed to get one image which would work nicely with a skull.

What i’ve photoshopped so far :

skull in fire

sat downWith this image i plan on adding arms clawing up from below.


Mental Mayhem.

My second idea is to produce a series of images, each representing a different mental illness or problem.

This should hopefully raise not just awareness for those going through a hard time, but understanding of what it is they’re going through and how it feels.

For example, things such as anxiety could be made without the use of photoshop, using many models all sectioning out a target in the centre  and peering down, intimidating them. Whereas other images such as bipolar would need the aid of photoshop to replicate the model in both happy and depressed moods. Most of my images will require photoshop and planning before shooting.


Franchesca Woodman and Christopher Hopkins and Justin Hopkins

My Personal Statement.

At the beginning of this photography course in September 2013, I didn’t know much about photography and all its factors. But I did have an interest in taking images and I wanted to know how to improve my skills and achieve the same crazy, inspiring images that first got me into the subject.

Now, in 2015, I’m proud of how far I’ve come in the past two years. I’ve developed my skills beyond what I would expect.

Now I understand more of the technical side of photography, like things such as exposure , aperture , ISO are and how to adjust them to help create a well exposed image.

Beginning with the ‘Light’ Assignment was the best way to start a course due to it giving me a basic understanding of how light works and how to manipulate it,which then lead to me branching out in a variety of methods and styles of imagery as i had an understanding of how to get the contrasts and exposures i require to get that particular style.

The lifecycle of a rockstar

My first idea is the life of a rockstar, where i plan to produce a series of images resembling a life cycle.
This life cycle would consist of life events of the stereotypical rock star, from past to present showing their interest in music, following through to their dreams being successful.And then the typical  ” Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll! ” where their life will reach its highest point and begin to fall.From this point i don’t want my subject to hit rock bottom, i want him tor cover and fix his life. He will get rid of the thing influencing this bad lifestyle, the band.From there he will find a girlfriend, maybe a child, a nice stable job and continue living a respectful life.He will never give up music, i plan my last image to be him perhaps teaching his son how to play the guitar.Showing that you don’t need to stop doing what you love, this also restarts the life cycle.

This is a documentary idea.

This was inspired by  a friend of mine who was once in the music industry. He was a guitarist for a band, and his band got great publicity, but after a while he started taking drugs and became a meth addict. He has now sorted his life and has a stable job in Burton. The most inspirational thing he said to me following this up is ” I would say i’m a recovered meth addict, but i am not. Nobody is. You’re always a recovering addict, you just have to stay strong. ”

Artists i have found to link in with this work is:

Greg Waterman and Neal Preston.