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For my FMP, i created a series of images titled ‘Mental Mayhem’ with the aim of spreading understanding of a small variety of psychological issues. I decided to do this as it’s hard to understand how somebody truly feels, but i felt that portraying it through a visual aid would capture the readers eyes and really make them think and place themselves in the subjects shoes, experiencing what they’re experiencing.

I feel that with my results i met my goal of showing how crazy it can get inside your mind whilst looking and acting just like everybody else.


Each of these pictures represents their own thought process/emotions. For example, the above image represents Bipolar disorder, which is a condition that affects your moods, which can switch from one to the other drastically.

DSC_0096 copy 2

But you can’t always show EXACTLY how someone feels. The things they think about themselves constantly, the things that affect their social behaviour and self confidence. There’s millions of things we think to ourselves and never admit to which start to corrode our minds and break down our walls,not only effecting us mentally, but also physically. This would make us feel like a open book, leaving us me 2

I shot my images on a Nikon D7100 with a tripod in various different locations and used a variety of techniques to create them, such as overlaying/layers and long shutter speeds, even a mixture of both. I used a ISO of 100 for the image above and an ISO of 400 for the rest, alongside a small aperture for good contrast and colours. Even with this i decided to burn the edges of my images to draw more attention to the centre of the image with a dark, moody feel to it without losing colour. The image below is the best example for this.

climb up tree 2

I also used black boarders around the images instead of your regular white boarders so that the presentation of the image was black fading into the image with its burned corners, keeping its sharpy edgy mood and yet again keeping focus on the lighting and colours in the image. When combined with black frames, even with the fancy boarders, the attention is still focused on the centre of the image. DSC_8341 2

My first idea i was following through with was the idea of a ‘Freakshow” , inspired by a Derby University students work i saw at an exhibition.I then developed this idea into my current idea of ‘Mental Mayhem’ which you can read about in my project proposal.I am happy with my results and i have had some great feedback from friends, family and peers.After experimenting with many different styles of imagery, this project has really helped me explore how i want to shoot my images from now on.

I think my results are good and fit the criteria of my proposal well. I have achieved what i set out to do.
I personally think i could have done better if i had achieved the same feeling that Jared Tyler’s images give me in my images, but the aim was for that feeling to be spread to the audience, not the photographer.I think this is affected by the fact that i know everything behind this image so i don’t get the same sense of relativity i hope the audience gets.
I think i could have improved a lot more on my images if i made them surreal but easy to understand, much like:


Jared Tyler.

Although you can possibly relate to these kinds of images, my images are relatable in a separate, more realistic form.

If i had the skill i would have attempted a series of images much like these, but i would need a lot more experience in photoshop, unless i did a series of images using the double exposure technique i learned on my course to create images in the style of :


I have set myself a personal assignment to still continue to experiment and develop my skills through first attempting these ideas.


Jared Tyler is a 19 year old photographer who expresses his feelings and emotions through photography, much like Christopher Hopkins but with a wider variety of feelings. I feel i can relate more to this photographer due to him being a young artist and with certain images of his i feel it visually expresses how i and many other people feel. For example, this image below.


I know i’m not the only one to feel like they’re drowning when being phoned, but i feel that this image is clear on its narrative and can be very relatable to most of its viewers.

This inspires me to also become an expressive photographer, expressing my emotions through a visual aid. but i don’t want it to be just my emotions and thoughts. I want people to relate, to understand , to know they’re not the only one. It’s easy to think you’re alone, but you’re really not. Even the craziest of thoughts and feelings are shared with many others around the world.


He has some beautiful images that are pleasing to the eye whilst at the same time showing reality, what really happens, how it really feels.

Not all of his images need heavy photoshopping, he has a variety of styles for a variety of narratives.

In my FMP i aim to create the same kind of feeling, i want people to enjoy the image in an artistic manor but also be able to understand how it feels. Even if they can’t relate, if they could at least understand then they would see the true feelings behind the image and have a better understanding of how it feels. Even if i use beautiful warm colours like the image above, the narrative could easily be something cold, creating an emotional contrast in the image.


Using a contrast of dull and vibrant colours could help you achieve a variety of feelings in your images, not necessarily happy nor sad.


Very expressive painting by an artist by the name of Justin Hopkins, much like Christopher Hopkins he also expresses himself through art.

I find that it would be easier to express yourself through paintings as you can easily use any colour, any combination, and style, and manipulate the subject in whatever way you want without needing great photoshop skills.



Very sketchy and a lot of use with the thick black lines to define the facial features. The darkness is also creeping in from the left hand side and is then merging with the subject.


This woman has no identity . A black and white painting with one, thick bold vibrant colour hiding her identity. This could express that her identity / personality is very bold, vibrant, girly, but she has an ordinary body just like the rest of us.justin-hopkins-intro