048-Narrative image making P2

Techniques photographers use to tell a story.

A sequence

This is a series of images which all work together, in order. For example:


These images are by numerous people based around numerous themes, but even without planning a story, a story can be made easily by the way you sequence them.

Ofcourse this isn’t needed for narrative photography, it works just as well if you can tell a story using a single image.



The way to take an image effects the narrative greatly. For example, you can place the viewer in a first person view, to make them feel part of the story.


Or you can photograph it from a third person perspective to have the viewer feel like they are only witnessing the narrative,rather than taking part in it.



The models used in an image is an important factor of creating a narrative.Things such as age,appearance,gender,height all contribute toward the story. For example, think of an image of two people arguing.

If they’re both male/female and the same age, we would assume they are friends.

If one is male and one is female of roughly the same age, we assume a couple.

If they are both males , or females, or a mix but one is older and one is younger, we assume a parent / child relationship.
Even with this, the appearance can still add toward the story.The child figure could be dressed as something such as a punk rocker, and we assume that the child/teenager is going through a rebellious phase, and this is why they are arguing.

Things this simple can change the narrative entirely.


Colours play a large role on what the mood of the narrative is. If the colours used are dark and cold, this gives us a sense of mystery;sadness;fear. Whereas if they were bright and warm we may feel things such as happiness;joy;peace.


The location the image has been taken in contributes towards the narrative,as it shows us where this action is taking place, which helps us image the different scenarios that could have taken place.From the privacy of their own home to out in the public,anything could happen.But if a personal narrative is taking place in a public area, the image begins to get confusing and sets more of a confusing, misunderstood narrative rather than a strong, possibly relatable narrative.


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