My Images so far.

The following images were all taken on a Nikon FM2 film camera with 400ASA 12 exposure films.

The first section of images were double exposures, done by taking a slightly under exposed image on the film camera ( so that it shows 0 – ) and instead of resetting the shutter and moving along the film with the lever, i pulled and held on the the multiple exposure lever located beneath the first lever then continued to reset the shutter. By doing this, the film doesn’t move and it means you can then expose that same piece of film twice.
So i would then take another under exposed image. Two under exposed images combined created one exposed image.

1a (2) 21a (3) 2

These two images were my first attempts at double exposures, and i love the result. I will be using these in my final piece.
I didn’t use a tripod, but surprisingly, they still worked well! You can tell that the images are not perfectly lined due to the windows in the background, but if anything that adds to the pure craziness of this image.Due to the positioning, this also creates a strange pattern of the wood on the bench.Where the model is sat, it’s not blurred, but in the centre it appears as if there’s no gap between the pieces of wood.

1a (8)1a (10)

I didn’t have a tripod for these images either, but it’s not that noticeable that the image is repeated due to the subject/lamp post being in pretty much the same spot. I found that these two images didn’t work that well due to all the blurriness .

1a (9)1a (11)

These 2 images are probably my least powerful/ well done images. In the first image, it’s dark and the subject is combined into the brickwork way too much, it seems as if there’s way too much happening in that image.In the second image, the model has an almost bank face due to it being a triple exposure, it also appears as if he’s purely a torso sat o a bench.I had to burn the legs in, which has left the image looking awful and blurred and smokey.

These 3 images aren’t double exposures, but two scanned in negatives combined in photoshop.

gjcg (2) gjcg (6)

These two images don’t work that well, but they’re still rather creepy and that’s what i was aiming for anyway.

Although i do take a visual pleasure in the second photograph due to the great contrast, textures and variety of shapes, lines and tones. I also love the water specs on the film strip as it reminds me of a Vincent Van Gogh painting with the circular swirls in the sky.

They’re not the best photographs nor my photography skills are the best i do admit. i could’ve worked longer on these images.

gjcg (8)

But i find this images works quite well, it is very discreet and may take a second glance to notice what is unusual here. it gets your brain wondering if its a coincidence that this light from this angle on these bricks resemble a person, or if someone or something had stepped in front of the lens. But this was done in photoshop using an image i had of Chloe and a negative i had of a building. Simple opacity levels and cutouts were used.

untitled-2 untitled-2edit

Here i believe this needs a little editing as it appears very abstract due to the bright sunlight hitting one side of the wall, making it very over exposed. But here we see Chloe behind a gate looking through to us. This was a double exposure.

With this image, i had to clone stamp the other side of the wall so that they match on both sides due to the left hand side of he image being over exposed due to the sunlight.It didn’t work all that well i do admit, maybe if i had more time i could have made it work, but i wasn’t planning on using this image for anything anyway.


Here i had two models sit on separate benches for a double exposure.I love the angle it has been take from, as it isn’t head on like my other images.But i also love the fact that my closest model is only visible where the light hits her before she fades into nothing and then into a shadow on the bench where she was sat.

I love this image. It makes me think of what was once here, who was once sat on this bench, what happened to them? How long were they here?

It leaves the imagination to think, is this a ghostly sighting, or is this a memory?


This double exposure puts a twist on the idea of photographer capturing paranormal sighting on camera.Instead, the spirit is teasing/tormenting the photographer and sneaking up behind the camera so she cannot get shots of paranormal activity.Although Chloe isn’t very visible, this helps as its discreet and not too easy to spot.

his image was originally supposed to be a long exposure of Chloe running through the gateway but she wasn’t visible when  i had developed my film. When i scanned it in i had accidentally put it upside down.This turned out for the best though as i had been given feedback of the image looking confusing yet the right way round, so i was advised to play with this a little.

o i had decided to photoshop the image to lengthen the gate all the way to the “floor” and include a puddle to make this image appear as if it’s the right way round, although it is not. I like the way this had turned out. It messes with peoples minds. What is real? What is fake?

lthough it doesn’t appear it, this image is a double exposure. I had aimed for a translucent Chloe laid on a rock, to show a memory such as the spirit dying on this one particular rock. But it isn’t that obvious it’s a double exposure, it just seems like an ordinary image. I would have liked this image a lot more if i had achieved my goal.This image could work well in a series of images, but on its own it doesn’t.

n this triple exposure i had Chloe sit on each rock. She is almost camouflaged into the background in this image and i like the subtle figures.
I don’t think this image is worth being one of my final images, but i do somewhat enjoy it.

I enjoy this image a lot. I love the silhouette my model had created in this double exposure Because of the transparency, it almost looks like a shadow had risen from the floor and began to walk.

mehjumblehalf n halfbackward head

After experimenting with double exposures on a film camera, i tried out a few strange ideas out on photoshop to see how my results would come out. Unfortunately not as well as double exposures for me, although other famous photographers are capable of this.

I think, in comparison, i prefer the look of classic double exposures, especially ones such as the work of Dan Mountford, who creates beautiful surreal imagery using cameras and no photoshop.

At some point i will be attempting to create my own work in this style of double exposures.

de3 de1 de2 de4

I love the idea of combining portraits and landscapes into one image, these are some beautiful results  and can really express a lot depending on the combination of photographs.


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