William Hope.

William Hope, 1863-1933.

William hope was a ‘Paranormal Investigator’
I came across this name in a previous project and found that this man faked paranormal images, much like i plan to do, making him a perfect artist to research.

He was a member of a spiritualist group known as ‘The Crewe Circle’ of which he was the leader.

He began by claiming that he was able to capture spirits in photographs, and faked his first image in 1905.
In 1906 he tricked William Crooked with an image of his late wife.
A man named Oliver Lodge did work out how this was done as he noticed signs of a double exposure due to the fact that the image of Lady Crookes looked almost exactly like an image from her wedding anniversary,but William Crookes didn’t believe him as he was a convinced spiritualist. Eventually, it was exposed that he created these images by double exposing them to create one.


Mrs Longcake and the spirit of her deceased sister-in-law.


The annual meeting of the “Society for the Study of Supernormal Pictures”. Including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife (Center, Left) (1922)


Mrs Hortense Leverson and the spirit of her deceased husband, Major Leverson (1931)


Reverend Charles L Tweedale, his wife, and the spirit of her deceased father (5 September 1919).


Mr and Mrs Gibson and the spirit of their deceased son (1919).


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