ideas that ‘Evidence’ could be interpreted as.

When i first think of evidence, i think of documentary imagery, capturing an action or event that has happened.These images tend to be candid, making us believe that the evidence we have found is true.

After thinking a little longer, i begin to think about beliefs,rumours,fairytales,fact and fiction.There’s many entities and beings that have many people believing they’re real, and many others believing they are just fictional characters.Such as aliens. There is apparently evidence such as UFO sightings, films and images.

There’s also physical evidence, such as fossils in museums and bones suggesting the existance of creatures such as dinosaurs.

But also, scientific evidence such as DNA in places such as crime scenes.Crime scenes are full of evidence, physical, scientific, almost all kinds of evidence. Patrik Budenz has a great series of images revolving around crime scenes.



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