Javier Ferrando

These images i have selected of Javier Ferrando’s images relate to cafe culture as they’re of things such as coffee products and machines.So these images fit well with my artist research as these images are actually about cafe culture.


This image as quite clearly of a worker making some coffee, you can tell that this image was not scened due to the slight tilt, the motion blur and the framing.But aside from that, this image shows us part of the process of making fresh coffee for customers.The motion blur actually plays a part in this image as it shows us that this machines method of working is by shaking side to side, which i would have not known if this was a still image.




Here we see various coffee products.An image like this would go great for my advertising ideas of various coffee choices.But not only does it include the coffee options, but it also includes a good old fashioned kettle, showing you don’t need a big fancy expensive coffee maker, just some hot water.


javier ferrando

This shows us the mess left behind by customers, documenting the way they treat the cafe and then leave without moving anything.The coffee cups left behind is an ordinary thing i see in cafes but i think the coffee beans were there because of Javier as i saw an image of coffee beans placed on this table, obviously he had done the same and left them as they were! But it does show the repetitive theme of ‘Coffee’



Yet again another image which shows coffee choices but this docent have as many options as the last and this one is a lot closer cropped.This does help though as he has focused on the writing so we get to find out the brands and kinds of coffee used.



This image goes far deeper into the process of a cafe and goes all the way from serving the coffee to gathering the coffee.Here we are a witness to the environment and appearance of coffee fields.We see it’s hot wether due to the bright whites beaming onto the white clothes.Its a known fact that white clothing repels sun where as black clothes attract sun,so we can tell these people know what they are doing and have chosen the best clothing choices to stay cool alongside a hat to keep their head cool and the sun out of their eyes.

ere is a simple image of columbian coffee cups, which is visually appealing to the eye with the easy , gentle gradient and black and white colours.


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