Cafe culture-final outcomes & review

The idea i had decided upon for my documentary images was to capture the various types of customers that visit cafes.Below i think i have gathered a good range of customers,each inside or near a cafe so that it is visible that they are a customer, rather than a random image of a person where i claim they regularly visit cafes.Here is the proof.DSC_1025-2

Starting with this older man,he appears either homeless or jobless.Due to his clothing, i suggest he is lacking money but still able to take care of himself. He may not be inside a cafe nor on his way to it, but if you examine this image you can see that this man is playing a piano in Derby city centre for money( his money tub is located on the top of his speaker ).The relation to the cafe is the fact he is earning money near a cafe, which you can see by looking at the signs in the background containing a cafe menu and directional arrow pointing down the alley.This suggests that once he has finished and earned enough money, he would then be going to the nearby cafe for a hot coffee and maybe something to eat.

This shows that even if you lack money, a cafe can be a good place to go for food, drink and warmth.Some cafes can be cheap which helps this man a lot as he could get more for his money, rather than earning £5 and then spending it all on 1 cup of coffee.

With this image i would have loved to have captured somebody tossing money into the pot, but from where i was stood that person would have blocked the cafe sign, therefore the image would no longer be of cafe culture.If i had tried to combat this issue by moving my position, i would have, but that means the sign would not be in the background.


Here are two males, each having something to eat and drink.They are both clean, well maintained gentlemen wearing suits and ties.This suggests they have a good, professional, well paid job but we can still find these gentlemen at a cafe.This could suggest that the cafe is an expensive, fancy cafe with only the best food and drink.But that isn’t always the truth,they may be able to afford it but we can see these two men aren’t in a high-end cafe, showing they are good with their money.These men are responsible.

With this image i do know that half of the image is of a messy table, but i find that it adds to the image. What sort of fancy restaurant would have messy, empty tables?

This image is of two visually active men grabbing something to eat and drink.We see they are active due to the fact they are still wearing big coats and bags, but also because the male on the left has ordered something to eat and instead of sitting down somewhere, he is eating it where he stands.Suggesting that as soon as they are done they, they will be on the move again and it was literally just a quick stop for something to eat.

I think i would have gotten a better shot if i had taken the image from behind the staff so that the light radiating from the cafe is used to see their faces because taking the image form behind darkens them and makes them almost seem like a silhouette .


This one is showing teenagers in a cafe.Sat in a large group of close friends at a large table all having a laugh together.This shows us that it’s not just the elderly that visit cafes, it is also teenagers.Even mothers take children into cafes.

Edited man
 Here is a lovely elderly man enjoying something to eat with a lovely cup of coffee! On this image i managed to capture the serving area and menu in the background which i am rather pleased about.This man seems like a lovely guy, his clothing doesn’t suggest poor not does it suggest a well paid, professional job.This man seems very average to me.His choice of cafe depends entirely on his preference.

Personally, i love the composition of this image and the only way i think i could improve it by holding the camera higher up due to the fact i had to crop this image due to me having a blurry white table at the bottom of the shot,which ruined it and took focus off this man.

 This image is interesting due to the fact this image of customers is actually the staff! These two ladies are having a chat alongside something to eat and drink during their break, in their own cafe.this classes them as their own customers.This is an interesting twist to the series of images documenting customers of these types of businesses.

This image seems somewhat blurred so i reckon i should have took  a little more time focusing to get a sharper image.

DSC_0761 2-2

Although this image is of a customer deciding what to buy, this is rather a humorous image.The way i had composed this image was in a way where this man became part of the mean deal.His head is lined up nicely in the meal deal offer behind him, suggesting you get him along with a drink and a packet of crisps.But it has more meaning than that to me.At first you giggle, enjoying the humour.But if you examine the image more, you will see this man is missing his leg.He isn’t on a scooter due tithings such as back problems like most people, or even because he is lazy like somebody i know.But because he literally has not got the ability to walk.

I class this image as strong as i find that after you enjoy the humour from the meal deal incident, you then feels guilty because of this man missing his leg.You start thinking, and you feel sorry for this man.


This is my ‘Fine Art’ Image, due to it being more visually appealing rather than documenting.

I find this image visually appealing due to the separate levels of depth of field and focus, it has a lot of variety.This related to cafe culture due to the customer(in focus) which is walking into uncle toms cabin, as it says at the top of the screen.
I wish i had lined this shot up a  little better due to the tilted cafe sign, but this was a quick image where i was hoping for the best, and i was lucky to get what i did.This could have gone visually awful.
I don’t think there’s anything i can say about changing for next time with this image, as i doubt i’d be able to re-take this image.

coin adv copy

This is my advertising image where i am trying to show that you don’t need pound coins and notes to buy a coffee, you should be able to afford it using spare change hidden in the bottom of your purse or wallet, or simple loose change in your pocket.

This is one of the images i had taken on my phone(Samsung Galaxy S3), i have applied an image of copper coins onto a new layer and framed it in the cup whilst also changing the opacity so that it appears as liquid.I’ve then added text and a logo i had found on google images through adobe photoshop on a mac laptop.

I think i should have taken this image on a camera in colour for better quality.If i would have shot in colour, i could have had many more editing opportunities.

This assignment has been rather stressful for me due to trying to create 3 different types of images for 3 different people, its like 3 assignments in one.But it has gave me useful experience in the difference between advertising, documentary and fine art images, which i know could come in handy in the future.

To improve i should have given myself more time to work on certain images to improve my work visually.



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