Contact Sheet-Cafe Culture-05/12/14

The first set of image were taken using a mobile phone so that i could explore another type of lens based image making that wasn’t using a Nikon D7100 like all my other images.I found that i was more comfortable taking images as it was rather discreet and just appeared like i was texting on my phone.The downfall to this is the last of quality in my images, but as you will be able to see i experimented with a few different settings on my phone such as effects and white balance.

20141205_135702_resized_1 20141205_135702_resized 20141205_135720_resized_1

These images were taken inside the Britannia cafe in Derby city centre, this is a cafe which is usually occupied by the older generation.Ideas to why this is could be due to it’s warm, quiet atmosphere, friendly customers and staff,reasonable prices, easy access, or even due to its discreet placing as this cafe is hidden down an alleyway.This means it doesn’t attract many tourists or people looking for a quick snack on their shopping day, the people who visit this cafe would be regular, good customers as they know of its location.

20141205_135720_resized-2 20141205_135720_resized 20141205_135732_resized_1


I found that using a camera phone it takes a while to focus on your subject due to the fact i need to tap on the screen to set a focus point, this could change at any time if somebody walks past due to it auto-focusing so this may ruin some shots, as you can see by the following image of a male and his shopping bags.20141205_135732_resized 20141205_135745_resized_1 20141205_135745_resized

I found a problem that every time i took an image it appeared rather yellow due to the lighting and colours indoors.

20141205_135749_resized_1 20141205_135749_resized 20141205_135804_resized_1

20141205_135804_resized 20141205_135819_resized_1 20141205_135819_resized_2 20141205_140025_resized_1 20141205_140049_resized_1 20141205_140123_resized_1

To combat this issue  i firstly began to play around with the effects, such as black and white and sepia.

20141205_140307_LLS_resized_1 20141205_140349_resized_1 20141205_140406_resized_1

I found using black and white good as i tend to associate documentary photograph with black and white images, although i know it’s not about the colours that make it a documentary photograph.Reasons for this is facts such as black and white images are more believable as back in the day when shooting in black and white, manipulating images was not a heavily used skill.

20141205_140423_resized_1 20141205_140447_resized_1 20141205_140612_resized_1

I also used sepia as it also, much like black and white, gave an olden kind of feel to the image, so it is more believable.As you can see below, i then began to alter the white balance on my images to try and reduce the intense yellow colours.

20141205_141002_resized_1 20141205_141044_resized_1 20141205_141056_resized_1

On some images, you can tell, where as on others it is harder to spot.The only way you could tell is by a slight difference in the yellow tones as they appear more washed out. On the image above where it is visible it has been altered, this then make the image appear a somewhat blue/green colour, which i didn’t like all that much.

20141205_141130_resized_1 20141205_141138_resized_1 20141205_141146_resized_1

I also found it difficult to get a closer shot as the zoom action on a camera phone only enlarger the pixels and crops the image.Making it of an even worse focus and quality.

20141205_141227_resized_1 20141205_141249_resized_1 20141205_141348_resized_1

20141205_141423_resized_1Although shooting on a phone is physically and mentally easier and more subtle, this has a rather bad effect on the quality of images.If i’m taking a snapshot, my phone is great, but if i am looking for a good quality image i should stick to using digital cameras or film cameras as they also have a great quality and depth of field.
I didn’t find any images that were taken on my phone of any good use to use in my final pieces.

The following images were taken using a 50mm lens on a Nikon D7100 camera in Derby City Centre before i visited the Britannia cafe to us emu mobile phone.

ContactSheet-002 ContactSheet-003 ContactSheet-001

These images are of much better quality, even with the various exposure issues on some images.

Here are the top 10 image from this photoshoot that i had chosen as my favourite/best/strongest


As we can see, this male is  sat on a bench in the middle of town playing a piano.He is doing this to earn money placed in the pot near his speaker.This image has a good composition as we can see all this information, plus the cafe sign behind him with a menu and arrow directing the public to the cafe.This suggests that this man is trying to gather enough money to go and get something to eat and drink from the near by cafe.

DSC_1030 DSC_1037 DSC_1041 DSC_1054 DSC_1056 DSC_1057 DSC_1060 DSC_1063 Edited man


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