PowerPoint Presentation for the class.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint and Google on the Mac PCs at college, i priced together a presentation stating what i find similar between my work and the work of other photographers in my Cafe Culture work.

All the images i had available were all documentary images, so of course i used documentary photographers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.20

Starting with Bruce Gilden, He tends to capture people quite close doing their day to day lifestyle

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.27

As you can tell here,i was close to a woman and a couple and captured them as they were rushing past me.I could have got a lot better shot if i had looked through the viewfinder, but then they would have had more time to react!I wanted it to be spontaneous and shocking.This image is somewhat blurred but that’s due to the rushing woman.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.32

I adore this image.I was waiting at some traffic lights and there was a woman stood next to me, so , without thinking, i took a quick shot and continued to walk.It wasn’t until i examined the image that i enjoyed it.This woman who obviously adores red has dressed up so beautifully and elegantly, in almost a pin up girl style yet she is stoof in the cold, damp weather in Derby with buses driving past and others who don;t really care about their appearance across the road.This woman stands out alot.
It would have been great to of found her in the center of a group of th epublic who are visually unkempt.This would have been a lovely contrast.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.38

But some of my images resembled that of Javier,in their simple yet ordinary style.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.44

For example, people word all the time.We know there are workers in cafes, so to us it isnt extraordinary for us to find an image of them working.But this is documentary,and i am documenting this ladys job and the things she has to do,such as Javier did.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.49

Not only did Javier get images on things like products but i did also, and this was admittedly not inspired by that of Javier.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.46.55

These images are of items associated with coffee houses, wether it be inside or outside.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.00

I know there are many other product photographers that i could have compared to, but Javier is the only one i have found that not only captured products(in a non- advertising way) but he also captures actions.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.05

Robert captured beautiful shots of customers in cafes and coffee houses, no matter how easy or simple.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.09

Even though he shot in black and white and i shot in colour for this image, they still relate in the fact that these are customers of a cafe.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.14

This image has a little twist though.This is an image of customers inside of a cafe,but these ladies are also the workers of the cafe they are currently inside.They are on their break,and of all the places in the local area they could have gone, they stayed loyal to the business.



Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.20

These are not workers, but teenagers who have visited the cafe for a coffee and maybe a bite to eat.They have gone in a decent sides group of friends and they are all visibly enjoying themselves and having a good laugh and bonding over something that they all can relate to as friends.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.25

Here we see not teenagers,not workers, but middle aged , unkempt customers outside of what is visibly a somewhat cheap cafe.You can tell it is cheap due to the stereotype of people outside who appear to be noticably low on funds.Otherwise they could be wearing branded clothes with salon hair,but no.They’ve got a budget to stick to and they are not about to blow it on an expensive coffee!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.29

This image specifically by Trent Parke relates to one of my images in a noticable way.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.47.45

This image was not planned, nor did it appear this way when i looked through the viewfinder, but it works, and i find it amazing with the variety of layers within the image.Much like Trents, this is an image looking over somebodies should, except in my image we are looking over somebodys shoulder and we see so much information such as that this image is in Derby, and behind that we see a woman, but it we look where she is going, we see she is a customer to a cafe.


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