Fine Art in the dark room.

Here we were experimenting with creating a new image from 2 photographs.We did this by first experimenting with finding two images that work well together in our own collection of images that we have gathered over the years.

We then placed one on top of another and faded the opacity to about 50%, maybe more.

opacity 2This is my first image i attempted,the image of Quad fills the sky and gives the image more information, it appears as if Quad is behind these houses.

Opacity 1This is the image that i used,This image gets the mind thinking what is real and what isn’t, where was these images taken?What angle i sit taken from?On this image there are a variety of factors that create a contrast such as composition,, etc. That is why this works so well.Also, almost all of the empty spaces are filled with buildings and people.This image was created using the following two images.



I then printed out these two images to take into the dark room and try recreate the image i had previously created on Adobe Photoshop.
The way i did the following was by placing the two image on top of each other, faced down on top of a piece of photographic paper



This was my first step test.
This was with the filter on at an aperture of 8 with 10 second steps.It seemed quite grey and dull. So i tried it for a little longer and did 15 second steps.



It started coming out a lot better so i chose about 90 seconds for the image and tested this on a small piece of paper.



This was a decent time as the lines from the building of the second image were still visible, so i was capturing both images in one.


After my first full size negative, i realised that by capturing th elides of the second image, i have completely removed all detail of the first image, so i had to take the exposer duration down by ably 20 seconds.



This came out with such a better result, but for some reason it seemed as if the black sky was melting into the image, so i tried again thinking i had accidentally nudged the paper.


This is the final result, you may not be able to see the lines in the sky like before, but the lines are visible where the building is.It’s very subtle, but it’s there! It has given a new style to the buildings.

I think that this technique of creating an image can give you some great results, but it’s complicated and very time consuming.If i had the time, i would experiment greatly, but with a deadline i decided the best thing for me to do is to stick to what i know.




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