Advertising Cafe Culture, what do you think?

I have been given 5 subjects to design, plan, and create an advertising image for.
Below is a list of the subjects, my ideas , and soon a sketch of an idea to recreate.

Good value for money:

With this subject i plan to fill a mug/ tea cup and saucer with old/used copper ( 2 and 1 pence pieces ). This could show that all you have to use is the spare change out of your purse that never gets used and gets thrown to the side.No pound coins necessary.

I shall take the image as a see form above image so you can see directly into the cup, which i will place on a nice wooden table to compliment the copper coins.

Another idea using the mug is to instead, get a hand model and a studio and slowly pour the coins out of the cup and onto either the saucer or the table and capture the coins falling.I thought against this idea because i felt it represented wasting money rather than saving it.

Which also gives me another idea.Saving money?I could use that to my advantage.Perhaps i could act as if the cup was some sort of piggy bank and ask the hand model to either pro the coins out of her palm into the cup or to hold it above as if it was an actual piggy bank.So this would of course represent saving money, just not in the way you’d think.

Photo on 10-12-2014 at 13.36 #2

Open 24hrs:

For this i was thinking on placing a steaming hot cup of coffee outdoors on a table in town and get an image of the cup from a low angle, so that the coffee is in the foreground and in the background we see the tips of the buildings and the sky.I would then go into photoshop and place a gradient on the sky along with an image of the sun and the moon on each end to show day and night.

Photo on 10-12-2014 at 13.36

Various options:

For this i was thinking of placing various kinds of tea/coffee cups on a cafe table and arranging them so they are either organised smallest to largest vertically or horizontally and capturing an image of that.
If that doesn’t work out too great, i could capture an image of behind the counter of the carious tea boxes/ coffee preparation equipment.They also tend to have a wide selection of syrups for coffee, each creating its own flavour of coffee, there fore another coffee choice.

Photo on 10-12-2014 at 13.36 #4

Free refills:

For this i had planned to get an image of various coffee cups in the studio all singularly and to also get a see from above view of some coffee beans that had been arranged to create the infinity symbol.
I was going to keep the white studio background as a base and use Adobe photoshop to scatter the coffee/tea cups around the infinity symbol.
But i could also have the coffee bean symbol in the centre and scatter the cups around it to avoid the use of Photoshop and also get a birds eye view of the coffee cups.If i did this, i would either fill the cups with coffee beans and teabags or actual coffee.But that would be expensive, so to be more efficient i could always use a brown liquid or water which  can photoshop brown.

Photo on 10-12-2014 at 13.36 #3

Good Environment:

For this i had planned to visit a cafe which already had a good environment and collect images of the sitting area with warm lighting, and to capture the moment where all the customers seem happy and joyful.I am hoping that the cafe has an average number of customers as if it’s empty, you can’t portray the happy environment that well, but it also doesn’t look like a good place due to no business. But i also don’t want it super busy as it wouldn’t look attractive to the viewer as they would not like to visit a cramped, stuffy cafe full of strangers.If there was a decent amount of people with obvious spare seating that would be perfect.

Photo on 10-12-2014 at 13.37

So what do you think of my ideas?


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