Reading into:Documentray images.

Diane Arbus:


At first glance, this is an image of a small boy.It is in black and white and the boy has a very old fashioned style in clothing, suggesting this image was taken possibly around 1950-1960s, not long after a war.He seems upset, and alone.We automatically assume there is something wrong with this child.The loose clothing suggests some kind of abuse.
But i doubt this is the case,the boy seems healthy.
If we check the environment which he is in, we can see it is a lovely sunny day in the park,whats to say this boy isn’t just playing and then posed for the camera?
We see he is holding some sort of toy in his hand, upon closer inspection we see this is a grenade. Of course not a real grenade, but it’s still a toy grenade.
The fact that this child seems to be fine with weaponry suggests that this child has been influenced by war,he finds that things such as grenades are okay.This poor young boy probably plays pretend soldier with that grenade, not knowing the real truth behind war.It has become such a normal thing for him, this poor boy thinks it’s a part of life.It’s not.


This is yet another black and white image, and due to this and the style of hair and clothing we can see this image was also taken at an earlier date.
This is an image of what we first assume to be a couple.Strangely, these people see rather young.But that seems impossible due to their choice in clothing,they are dressed way too maturely.The face does not match the body.This could be due to numerous reasons, they could either just have young looking faces or they could actually be children.
But why would they be acting as adults?Well it could just be as simple as playing dress up, playing the role of mum and dad.This suggests that they could also be brother and sister, instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.The way they have posed isn’t incredibly intimate, so they could have any kind of relationship.
But i think it could be a lot more than just playing dress up.
Yes they’re young and they’re in adult clothes.But maybe they HAVE TO wear that.
Has anybody ever thought that the reason these people are dressed as mature adults is because they’ve had to throw away their youth and jump straight in to adulthood?Maybe they don’t have a mum and dad to dress up as.They have to provide for themselves in the world now, they have responsibilities to maintain and they won’t be able to if they act like the children they really are.

Martin Parr:


This seems so normal it hurts.It’s obviously british due to the english in the background.
In my area, this is all i see on a day to day basis.Teenage girls, acting like adults but still failing to conceal the child in them,except they do this by being incredibly immature,which you can’t always catch on camera, so Ribena juice boxes will have to do.
These ladies are obviously teenagers, around the age of 17 perhaps.
There is an obvious clash of objects here.We associate cigarettes with adults,and stereotypically people who have had it rough.Whereas we associate juice cartons with children,a toddler-sized portion of fruit juice.
This image seems to represent the stage between the two.Teenagers evolving from the children they were into the adults they wish to become.


Personally, i find the contents of this image disgusting. Not because of the photographer, but because of the woman Martin has photographed.
I would never let my child run around naked in front of a beach full of strangers, no matter what his/her age is.This image tells me that there’s people out there that think it’s completely fine to let your child parade her naked body to everyone within eyesight.And there must be at east 100 people within a visible radius as the beach seems incredibly full.I’m guessing this is a holiday beach due to the mix of kinds of people in view and the bright  exotic sun.
This does show that there are people that believe its okay to do and show whatever you want when you’re on holiday, because it’s not like anyone knows you! However they may not know you, but you also do not know them.They could be anybody doing anything.You’re not doing a very good job at protecting your child from possible paedophiles when you do this.


This is another one of Martin Parrs images on a beach, whereas on this one we can see a couple of people I’m the background along with the subject being a woman feeding her baby.
When we examine the adults, we can tell it must be a very hot day for them to wear such little and be so tanned!
This fact gets me worried, as this baby is obviously incredibly youngarnhel-07 PAM1996008Z00009/14


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