1 Hour challenge – Cafe Culture!

I was set a task to go out to various cafe’s within a certain time limit, to go and gather images of a specific list of themes.

The kinds of images i needed to produce were as follows:
-A pair               ( I.E 2 cups )
-Opposites        (  Tea/ Coffee )
-Cliche              (  Male author on mac in coffee shop)
-Humor             (  Somebody telling joke/Being a joke )
-Shocking         (  Prices )
-Empathy          (  Spilling hot drink )
-Incongruent     (  Coffee inside tea cup )

Here are my results:


Cliche 1

I consider these images a cliche as stereotypically we expect to find teenagers in coffee houses, and we usually do!

Cliche 2_

The fact that In most of these images they have their mobile phones out just adds to the cliche.The idea of a teenager with a coffee and texting on their phone is a thing we see so often, that we expect to see it in the future. This turns it into a cliche.A stereotypical idea we have of teenage students.

Cliche 3

The three images above were taken on the Roundhouse campus and all of these were taken using a Nikon D700

Whereas the following images were taken in Starbucks and Greggs located in Pride Park ,Derby.

Unfortunately a member of staff at Starbucks located at the stadium in Pride Park was very aggressive when I had asked for permission to take images of objects inside the  café.

I was not impressed with the way they had dealt with the situation as the woman who was speaking on behalf of the manager had decided to take attitude for no reason. but I respected their demands and left.Luckily for me that’s when I came across Greggs as it was just around the corner and the staff there were very polite and allowed me to take images inside. Most images I took were from outside, but it’s nice  to know I have permission.


Cliche 5



Cliche 4



Humor 1Empathy/Shocking/Incongruent

Humor 2Humor

Incongruent 1Incongruent

Incongruent 2Incongruent

Opposites 1_Opposites

Pair 1Pair

Pair 2Pair

Shocking 1Shocking

Shocking 2Shocking


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