Cafe Culture Ideas

The definition of cafe culture is
‘A lifestyle characterised by regular socialising in pavement cases, typically that associated with European countries such as France or Italy.’

With this in mind i feared my photographic ideas were limited.
However, with some simple image research i found plenty of images of full and empty cafes, along with a variety of cafe products such as coffee beans and muffins.Even the machines used in the cafes.

Below are some ideas for creating cafe culture themed images.


On location:
I could contact a local cafe, preferably one that isn’t well known, and offer to go visit and create some images advertising their business. This way, i will have access to  using a cafe as a location, alongside having my advertising styled images , actually being used for advertisement.
This will also give me working experience to add to the list.

The images i could create are things such as a male and a female taking a coffee date. I could generate ideas to make the scene seem as romantic as possible, to give the audience the idea that this cafe is the perfect place for a lovely date.The audience will then consider this place for if they go for a date and they wish for it to go well.

I could also gather a bunch of smart, clean, yet fun friends around a table with their own coffee each.These friend could be laughing, having fun, having a great day out.The environment could be bright and colourful, playful yet serious.Then the audience will del this place is a sophisticated yet exiting place to hang out with friends.

In a studio:
I don’t think i would have to contact any cafes, not unless they are interested in using my images,as i can make the images seem as if they are advertising a product.
I do this by simply placing focus onto the subject.If it’s obvious to the audience, they will not overlook the product being advertised.
I could have images such as a model drinking from a coffee cup.If i have an advertiser, i could have their logo on the cup. If i use a low key light and dark background i could perhaps capture the hot steam from the coffee, and it will seem cosy,warm, and enticing.

But i won’t have to always use a model.I could always gather items such as coffee, coffee beans and baked goods such as muffins and create a ‘fresh out of the oven’ feel on the images by placing a piping hot coffee beside a tray of muffins or biscuits, so that the image is very enticing to the audience and they find themselves thinking it looks delicious and they are craving one as there’s nothing better than freshly baked goods and a hot coffee, as old and stale baked goods and cold coffee just isn’t good enough.
I will us slow key lighting for this also so it seems cosy and warm but also give it more of a welcoming feel rather than a bright white which seems to stand out way too much.


For documentary i was thinking of documenting the process of creating a coffee.Get some images of people making coffee.Perhaps relating to my previous idea of averting for a cafe, i could take those images then. So that they are taken in a real cafe.
I will also get images at home, so that they can be seen side by side. This way you can examine the difference of coffee from home and coffee from a cafe and how different they really are.

Large expensive machine vs. cheap old kettle.
Art piece:

For the art piece i was thinking of using the same kind of idea as my advertising in a studio and creating a scene using baked goods and coffee thats enticing and welcoming. But of course i will keep it plain and not use and names, brands or logos.
I could also walk around and maybe get some nice black and white images of cafe chairs/table outdoors.

It may also be a good idea to take some macro shots of coffee beans and get all the detail held within.I’d really love to try an image of falling coffee beans bouncing off a black surface such as a black slate.

For a photogram i was thinking of doing some arts and crafts and making some small/medium/large card silhouettes of things such as coffee cups and coffee beans amongst various other things associated with coffee, that way when it comes to working in the dark room i can assemble my own scene or art piece using my little card creations and hopefully design something amazing.
I will also use tissue and various other things to toggle with the opacity and visual texture of my photograms so that i can create something unusual and different.
Once i have created a variety of photograms, i will then select a few and head back into the dark room and turn these from negatives to positives! This way i will have black coffee beans and black mugs, it may appear better than before.


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