Re-examining and feedback for my final peices.

What i have narrowed it down to is shown below.
I have multiple images below, 2 for past , 2 for present, and 4 for future.I only need one of each and the decision was hard for me, so i seemed the advice and feedback of other studying photographers to help me make my decision.


old world war

This image got a vote of 1/4.
Meaning that this image is not the best out of my selection for that selected audience.
Personally, i enjoy this picture as it’s realistic unlike the other past image.

Past Derby This image was chosen for my final piece.

This image received a vote of 3/4 proving that it is preferred amongst my audience to be chosen as my past piece.
This image has had a lot of technical work applied to it, along with a fair chunk of my time and effort.



This image was selected by 2/4 people.
Meaning this image had a 50/50 chance of appealing to the public.
For me, this image is more about the narrative i have wrote about it in a previous blog post, rather than appearance.

Punk vintage thingyThis image was chosen for my final piece.

This image got the other 2/4 votes.
I think i may choose this image as the purpose is to visually appeal to the eye in a poster format.
The image is more visually important rather than narratively.


galaxy copy

This image received 1/4 votes.
I admit that this image was infact a simple image, which is why i don’t think it should be chosen for my final piece, no matter how appealing it looks


This image got 0/4 votes, i’m guessing due to it’s plain background.It’s not very enticing.


This one also got 0/4, probably as it’s way too extreme, even for the future! it is rather unrealistic, so i can understand how it’s not the best image to show the public.

other oneThis image has been chosen for my final piece.

This image got a 3/4 as it’s perfectly in the middle of plain and extreme.
It’s the same image as the last two but using a different sky. A sky that is a lovely deep blue, dramatic image.


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