Even more Past-Present-Future images!


Here i am going to start with what i consider my least favourite,this is due to me rushing this image so that i have one more edited image for my coursework.
This image was taken using a Nikon D7100 on the construction site of the new Joseph Wright building in Derby.
I know i can do a lot better when it comes to editing on photoshop, but i am still merely a beginner and i will advance over time.
For this image,i was considering it to be an image of the ‘Future’ .But not the future that everybody immediately thinks of with hover cars and human-impersonating robots.This is what i think is the reality of our future.The more and more we develop and create, the more factories are used and the more those factories produce smoke.
This image was created to speak for global warming, where everything to do with it involves smoke and pipes and factories.
If i had more time and experience to work on this image, i reckon i could transfer it into a very dramatic,narrative image and perhaps show the public the truth of our future.
I did this in photoshop by simply creating a new layer with an image of a factory and using the lasso tool to cut out the section of the image i didn’t require.I then copied the image and pasted it along the pipe of the background image, making sure to scale each one differently so that it appears to get smaller the further away it is, like it should be.
I also used the blur tool to blur each section to fit in with the background, the one part i didn’t blur was the factory  that was in the one section of the focused pipe.


Now this image is our present day.
Right now we are building into the future.
We are designing, developing, and creating new pieces of architecture for the future generations to benefit from.

This image is quite i simple one i must admit.The only photo manipulations i have done are by using curved to give it more contrast, and using the lasso tool to remove the original sky and replace it with a more colourful, dramatic sky so that the image is more enticing and cheerful. The previous sky was very plain and boring.


Now we’re getting a little more interesting.
This is another image of the present, with a half-cnstructed building.
Recently i have noticed a lot more construction has been going on in Derby, whether it be roads or buildings, Derby is upgrading.
Presently, we are being pulled from the past into the future.These images show our transition between the two.
For this image i have burned the left hand side as it was too bright.I have also altered the histogram and used curves to darken the entire image.
I then used the lasso tool to cut out the sky and i used the magic wand to remove the sections of sky from those hard-to-reach places.It gave me a neater and closer line, so that there wasn’t any white lines around the building.
I then made a new layer containing my new sky and altered the order of my layer so my sky is in the background.
So this present image is different from the last not only through separate buildings, but through the appearance and the fact that this image is a dark, stormy style,whereas the previous image is bright, bold, colourful and happy.

old world war

This is my image of the cathedral in Derby using a Nikon D7100.
The sky and plane are taken from google images.

Of course i am using this as a past image,
it is a simple image of a cathedral in Derby city centre which i have manipulated in photoshop.
I have yet again used to lasso tool to erase its original sky and replace it with another darker, more dramatic , cloudy sky.
Once i had done this it appeared as if it was taken during the war with all the smoke in the sky, so i decided i should make it somewhat obvious what my idea was.I did this by getting an image of an old bomber plane and cutting it out in photoshop. I then dragged it into a new layer and placed it in the sky.
To apply the finishing touches and make it obviously during the times of war, i transformed it into black and white.
We had many wars in the past, and it made a large impact on our present, and future.
Everyone knows that our history consists of wars, so this is obviously past.

Open-Door copy
Both of these images were taken from the web on google images as i didn’t have any utopian styled images.

Now i can’t decide if this is past,present,or future.As is has factors of all three.
The clean,empty, reflective white interior suggests the future.
The unpolluted, lively green scenery suggests a time far in the past before man kind began building large cities.
But it would also be present due to the fact both of these images were taken in our present day, both of these images, even when combined, can be found somewhere in the world.Obviously not together, but they can be.

For this image i took a lovely image of a pair of clean, hygienic double doors which are open and used the lasso tool to cut out what what actually behind the doors so that i could replace it with a layer which consisted of a lovely utopian scene.

galaxy copy
fcourse, the galaxy inside the doorway was taken from the web but the outer image was my own, much like the other image this was also taken on the construction site of the new Joseph Wright building.

This is of course the future, and what we wish to be able to achieve in our future.
We want to progress in the idea of teleportation and time travel.We all know it is impossible, be it doesn’t stop us from wanting it to be real.
It may be thousands of years before we come across evidence that this is possible, but we may some day achieve what is being shown in this image.
As you can tell, i have recently been using the lasso tool a lot to replace things like skies, which is what I’ve done in this image, alongside adjusting the background image to be black and white.Doing so had drawn more focus to the doorway and the galaxy behind it.
Now this couldn’t just be a galaxy, this could be a teleportation device.This could be a time travel machine.Or this could simply just be a piece of art being stored in the closet.We will never know until our future comes, but this is one way of thinking about what’s to come.


I also altered one of my previous images a couple of times to see how it would appear.
Here are my results.                   Original

other one ihgcwcihgcwc
 The image on the left and the right have skies that were taken from google images.

The only reason i had altered the sky is because i found my original image to be simply not enough. it had a large almost white sky, and a lot of it!There was no detail whatsoever.

On the left i have gone for a dramatic yet realistic deep blue sky.Where as on the right i’ve gone for a completely wacky glowing planet.


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