Victor Enrich

Victor Enrich (Media Artist) was born in Barcelona in 1976.
He was introduced to technical drawing at 8, which was his inspiration of this life ahead.As he grew he began designing cities.This was a large interest of his so in 1994 he went to university to study architecture.
He uses his skills  to create crazy 3D designs of buildings/cities.

Here’s some of my favourite work by this artist:


This image is crazy! it appears as though the building is either falling to the ground, or it’s trying to float away!
This image can really make a person think..Is this how they make buildings?When it’s ready they just pick it up and drop it where they want it?It’s like it’s full of helium.
It fascinates me how he has literally removed the entire building and moved it to a complete new area. If you look at the buildings behind the subject, they look completely normal. My method of doing this would be to go crazy on Photoshop with the clone stamp. But this man is a genius and has used his technical drawing skills to re-create the buildings on the background so that they appear as if they were visible all along.


This image reminds me of a slinky. Trying to push one down the stairs as a child.It looks asif it’s about to push itself onto the road.
If you compare this image with the last, you can see that the background images are almost completely invisible.It is inspiring to me to see somebody make something out of nothing,and for that something to be inspiring in itself.

Stitched Panorama

This, by far, has to be amazing.
It looks untouched by editing software, but it’s obvious that this isn’t a real building.It’d be physically impossible to live inside.

In this image he has worked from bottom to top, gently pulling out the sections of brick that have been assembled around the windows.He starts subtly but the further to the top of the building he gets, the crazier and further extended the brickwork gets.It makes me think of a child’s play doh set, where you have a spaghetti maker.
It’s playful and extraordinary.

Stitched Panorama

This image just seems like it’s one large version of a zipper.It may not have the actual device to unzip it, but all the teeth that connect are definitely in this image between both buildings.Yet again, this building would be very difficult to use if it were real.I reckon Victor could make some amazing designs that are possible.But that shouldn’t stop him form producing this amazing work.He not only warps his image, but he also twists the way we see our surroundings in our modern day.
We think to ourselves ‘It’s not a rectangular building.It’s not square.It’s not an ordinary shape,therefore it’s not logical.’

But it’s refreshing to have building that aren’t quite right. It’s creative, inspiring,and can change we way we feel about a location.

Victor Enrich has inspired one of my final images


With this image, i knew i wasn’t as talented as Victor, and i knew i didn’t have the technical skill and software to manipulation this image to the extreme.So i have done subtle alterations. Such as warping the image to have spikes on the roof, and to also have multicoloured windows.
Much like Victor, i have taken an image of a building and transformed it into something it’s not.


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