Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian lives in Portland, Oregon.

He has revieved a MFA and completed a BFA through studying  art between 1985-1995.

Jims favourite film is The Shining.Which tells you a lot about what kind of character he is.Which could easily explain some of his images which are presented in a dark manor.
Jim loves psychological horror,which could be why he aims for a mysterious atmosphere in his images.

Work like this:


Just screams horror.It is dark, mysterious, and chilling to the core.Itself as an image is overwhelming and post apocalyptic.I  feel it has factors of all elements that were possibly done on purpose.

The building is upon a pile of natural rocks. Earth.

There is water pouring out of the side of this building.

There is fire obviously creating this smoke and possibly the reason to the ominous lowing door.

And there is also the fact of the smoke being carried away in the wind, along with the birds.

Now i don’t know if that was intentional, but it sure is clever.

Thinking realistically, i doubt this could be an actual building due to the fact that there are so many chimneys, it leaves no space for anything to be produced below in the main room.

A dystopian area is and area of which is frightening and undesirable,being the opposite of Utopia.Using this information we can say that both The Shining and this image are both dystopian as they are undesirable places with frightening factors.


We can obviously call this very a dystopian,apocalyptic image as it is a place we never want to find ourselves but also feels as if it could be the end of human civilisation.

This appears to be a rooftop which has emerged from the group and is now a spaceship.A spaceship with spine chilling gargoyle heads on it.

Not only does the black and white adjustment give it a horrific feel, but the fact the UFO has a dark, thick smoke trailing behind it tells you quite bluntly that this is non beneficial to anybody. Quite the opposite.This mysterious floating object is here to cause havoc.

If this image was in colour, it wouldn’t be as spine chilling as it currently is.Jim has made some fantastic decisions whilst manipulating this image, as it definitely portrays itself as he wished it to.

Jims work inspired me to create my own  horrific photographic scene. Possibly a black and white scene of something which appears as it could be a crime scene /murder location.Like a murder house.I house which is high in contrast, with mysterious figures surrounding it.I could get silhouettes from online and photoshop them into my image and scatter them around my chosen building.Give it a deep dramatic sky.And make it as mortifying as  possible.

Such as like this piece of work:


With its post- apocalyptic surroundings, this house is incredibly dystopian and horrifying. The broken windows and smoking rooms just scream danger.

The graveyard to the right of the house isn’t a great addition to the image unless you wanted it to seem like the new murder house!
You could easily see this being the scene for a 5 star horror movie.Every single section of this image is perfect, right down to the dead trees in the background.

I want my image to be based around this.


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