Espen Dietrichson

Espen is the kind of artist to use analytical and geometrical elements in his work.He does this so that he can divide the image into abstract units.

Espen has displayed a balanced apocalyptic dystopia in his previous work.


As you can obviously tell, much like Victor Enrich, Espen would of had the aid of technical drawing to be able to create the appearance of the inside walls of the building so that when he separated this building, it wasn’t blank on the inside.

Espen has  deconstructed his image,and not as in analysing,he has literally deconstructed this image using some kind of software.
This could actually symbolise just that.I’ve been told many times that i must pick apart my images and this gives a whole new meaning to it.

With the dark dramatic skies,high contrast and black and white appearance to his images, you gives you a very dark, mysterious feel about the image. Did he intend to make people feel this way?

This style is repetitive throughout most of his images, this must just be his signature style!


At first glance, this image may appear incredibly similar to the last, but there is one thing i’ve notices that he’s done differently.

On this image, instead of just pulling off each 4 sides and the roof, he has divided each wall by 3 and split it up into even more sections. His way of creating a gap between each wall so they weren’t still connected was to pull all walls even further away from the centre of the subject.
So now the walls are double the distance from the centre than usual.


I find that his subtle shadows which he has included make the picture so realistic.
If you examine this image closely, you can see that he has created a slight shadow on the far wall that is being created by the roof. Not all people notice small thins like this, but if he didn’t do this it would have felt like a 2D image.

Espens work give me an idea to chop up my images and perhaps scatter  building pieces over an empty scene.
Perhaps so that it resembles a post-apocalyptic building which has been attacked/blown up.


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