Espai MGR

Now i think that this photographer is incredible even without the crazy things they do to the images!


Most of the artists are dark, mysterious, and post-apocolyptic.
But not this one, at first glance, this is obviously a fabulous Utopia.Made with a lovely Rapunzel-like tower with what appears to be large pink lego brick stairs.Who doesn’t want to live in a tower with lego stairs?Well,maybe not the lego stairs as that would hurt.
But the beautiful blue sky combined with the soft,sculptured,detailed tower is fabulous.Especially with it clashing about a bright pink stairway.It seems like every girls dream house.

But lets just go ahead and take a second glance at this image.It isn’t quite as utopian and we once thought.
At the base of the stairway, it is fenced off.If this really was utopia nobody would require a fence.Fences around property is used to keep the general public out.So obviously they’re not trusted.Obviously the owner of this property feels that he or she does not want any dystopian locals ruining their utopian lifestyle.

The same idea can be said for this image.the street this sculpture appears to be on is very dark and narrow.Dosen’t feel too safe.
But i think that Espai’s repetitive use of lego symbolises more than i can ever image.It may represent the fact that we piece together a building/home bit by bit until it’s complete.But no two buildings are ever the same.Such as on the image, one is made out of warm colours such as reds,oranges and yellows. where as the other has been created using very cold colours, like blues and whites.

This could be another thing that this picture is trying to communicate. The clashing between hot and cold.From the angle the image is taken from, the hot and the cold buildings are against eachother.


This is the image that inspired me even without the lego extension on this building,theres more than just lego to this image.The parallel leading lines that direct the eye toward the lego sculpture is genius.And i find the lighting low key but effective. It’s dramatic and beautiful.
Yet again it may appear to be a very beautiful area but there are small things scattered around which suggest otherwise.Such as the graffiti on the walls beneath the lego.
This could by symbolic and relate to the image, or this could just be random graffiti.
But if it was symbolic, what would it represent?
Would it be calling us the ‘animales’?
Does it mean ‘animals’ or is it a clever play on words combining ‘animals’ and ‘males’ so suggest the creator of this graffiti think that men are animals?
Perhaps this was Espais work?I doubt it.But nothing is impossible.This may even be a subliminal message to the viewers right now, convincing them that men are animals.

This makes me want to combine images.I want to now create a piece using at least two separate images and combining them to look like one image, and hopefully it looks realistic enough to fool people! Unfortunately i have no lego, but i could always improvise and create a building attached to another building and edit it so that it is believable.


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