Experimenting with Ilustrator

This is my first time using Adobe Illustrator, i did this using a Mac computer at Derby College.
To begin with, i started playing with the shapes to see what kinds of things i can create.
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 14.46.21


I had used a variety of shapes, fillings, and outlines to see what would happen.

When i felt confident enough, i moved onto working on my image of Quad,taken using a Nikon D7100.My aim was to recreate this image using this software.


I succeeded by using various shapes and places then on top of the original image ( so that i knew where it was placed)
I started by making the basic, large shaped of the entire building.After i had completed that i moved onto the windows.The windows consisted on squares with a light blue tint applied and also slightly rotated.
The part that gives this image its style is the lines.I used the pen tool and traced over all obvious lines.I applied a dark grey colour , but i also altered the style of the line so that it gave it a sense of it being a sketch,with a graduating line.
total jpeg

I am very pleased with what i have created here, i have managed to recreate a building,and also remove a lamp post that ruined my shot.
When i look at this image, i feel i’d be able to create my own building design that looks professional.I know that it would be challenging, but it’s nice to know there’s a chance that i could.


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