Derbys timeline in 3 images.


Past Derby

This is a range of images, taken by me and found online from

I have merged all these images together to provide a range of detail;exposure;saturation and colour.

I have done this on a Mac computer at college using Adobe photoshop  with a variety of images from the web and images i had taken myself using a Nikon D7100 in Derby City Center.

I found this image challenging to create,but once i completed it i was impressed with myself.This was something i’d not expected myself to be able to create!

I’ve taken into mind that all these images have been taken from a certain persecutive, i and i have used this information to place the images in a way that they all lead toward the centre of the image.This gives a sense of it being an actual area,that the perspective shown is your own.

It is quite obvious that this is not an actual area due to the various differences between each image, but i didn’t want to get rid of that.I wanted to viewer to be able to tell exactly what i have done here, knowing that all these images were taken at different times, at different places, on different cameras.

I’ve even gone to the extent of finding an old image of water to place under the bridge, to make it more realistic.

I did this using many layers and the eraser tool on Adobe Photoshop.I did also sue the perspective tool on one of the images, so that it fit in with the street a little better.
I erased the surroundings of the subject in each image and then placed them all together in one A3 landscape preset.

I find that i could of improved this greatly if the images had already been in the right perspective to what i required them.But i don’t regret the images i’ve chosen because it gave me experience in using tools in PS that i usually wouldn’t use.
I also wish that i had known how to use the lasso tool before creating my first image as i would have had neater edges and my image would have appeared a lot cleaner and less messy.


Punk vintage thingy

On this image, i went for a different style.
All 4 images of buildings on this image are all my own, all taken with a Nikon D7100.They all seem of different quality compared to each other but this is due to me changing the settings on the camera whilst i was walking around to try and get better lighting if my subject was over exposed or under exposed.

I was experimenting with the lasso tool in PS and i found it a lot easier than using the eraser tool.I ended up with neater trimmed buildings without translucent edges.

To create this, i took 3 of my own images and 2 from google images of Derby and i used the lasso tool to cut them out but give then gave it sharp spiky gaps, to create a punk-like style.I did this with every image including the flag which i’ve used as a background.
I left my image of Quad the way it was, but with the other images i used the warp/perspective tool to make it seem dramatic and creative.

This image wasn’t as challenging, but i love the punk style that i have created it in.It is a style that attracts me,and i am pleased.

All these images are recent.The warped images are of old buildings,but taken today.Which show’s ion our present day we still continue to make use of these buildings.But i have clashed it with the image of Quad,to show there is also new buildings with quite a unique difference in architectural style.

If you examine this image, you will notice that all of the older buildings are branching out from the image of Quad.This could be interpreted as all of our old buildings in derby being joined together to create a new building.As if it was some kind of evolution of architecture.

The only way i could think of improving this image is by taking the image of Quad form a different perspective as i find it doesn’t fit in as well as it could.I didn’t feel comfortable changing the image though as i though Quad was perfect as it was my own image, and due to the fact it is a new building.



On this image i’ve taken one of my own images(Nikon D7100) and altered it using the lasso tool to select area(Such as the points at the top of the building)
and then using the warp tool on the selected area to over exagerrate the corners and create a sharp spike from them.

I also used the lasso tool to select the windows and then once it’s selected i used the paint brush to apply my own colour to each window.I used this method for the multicoloured strip of windows down the centre but also for the checkered black windows against the side.

On this image i wish i could of found another way of warping it so that it’s completely crazy yet possible.That would be the best way i could have improved on this image.

This may be a present building, but i’ve manipulated it to be unusual.Here i am trying to show that  the more we develop out buildings the simpler it gets and the more curves,points, and bright bold colours are added .

If you compare images such as:

Taken from google images                       My own image (Nikon D7100)


You can quite obviously tell that the design is a more crooked, unusual kind.The image appears a lot simpler, but is still incredibly odd with weird shapes involved.It’s not just your usual square/rectangle style.


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